The Benefits of Long/Short Equity

Protect Capital in Down Markets

As loss grows, recovery becomes increasingly more difficult. The ability to reduce draw downs can mean the difference between meeting financial objectives and missing them.

Reduce Volatility

With a portfolio that is built on the basis of preserving wealth without forgoing market gains, you have a greater chance of participating in market upswings and protecting against the downside without trying to time the market.

Enhance Traditional Allocations

Adding Long/Short Equity to a portfolio composed of traditional stock and bond allocations can create greater diversity, leading to reduced volatility and improved returns.

In 2005,  Waycross Partners LLC was founded on one simple idea:
Opportunities for active management are more abundant when an investor is able to take either side of an equity investment and is not constrained to only purchases on the long side.
As a boutique investment firm, Waycross is able to provide clients with direct access to both portfolio managers and analysts, while also focusing our research on a core universe of equity investments. This combination means we are more than an outside manager for our clients, we are an extension of their investment teams.
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COVID-19 Update

As we monitor news about COVID-19, our response is focused on the health and safety of our associates, clients and partners and on meeting the expectations of our clients.

While the market environment, and the uncertainty about its impact, could continue for some time, our experienced investment team has weathered periods of heightened volatility before. In the event we must work from home, we are confident that our technology systems and business continuity planning will allow us to remain focused on managing client portfolios.

This situation remains fluid, and we will continue to update you as appropriate. As always, we invite clients to reach out to us with any concerns you might have. We hope that you are safe and healthy during this unsettling time and appreciate your continued confidence in and partnership with Waycross Partners.